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If you’re seeking out some of the best travel blogs and sites worth checking out you’ve come to the right place.  Below are a fantastic list of other sites we highly recommend.  Go check them out.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Active Planet Travels – Incredible adventures from around the world.
Adventure Vacations Blog – A travel blog geared towards those with adventurous spirits while on vacation
Ali’s Adventures – Ali’s travel adventures make for highly entertaining reading
Amateur Traveler – A great travel blog featuring weekly podcasts related to travel info
America For Travelers
  – Don’t plan your next trip to the US before checking out this guide.    
America Travel Destination Guide
– Travel in America with the best advice possible.
A Place To Search  – A destination based travel blog with some of the best places to visit.      
Around Cambodia  – A travel blog dedicated to all things Khmer.

Backpacker Crush   – Check out the hottest backpackers.   
Backpacking Travel Blog
– Backpacking is what this this site exclusively focuses upon.      
Banana Roti  – Delicious food blog that will make your mouth water.
Best Shopping Destinations – A comprehensive shopping guide for travelers on the go.
Best World Travel Deals –  If you want bang for your buck find the best travel deals here.    
Britain For Travellers  – For those craving British travel information check this out.     
Britain Travel Destination Guide  – Travel blog related to all things British.
Bucket List Journey – Bucket list journeys that should be for everyone.
Budget Travel Blog  – A budget minded travel site for the frugal traveller.
Budget Travel Intentions  – For those who travel with a budget mindset.

Canucking Abroad  – For Canucks abroad and back home interested in travel.                    
Cheap Travel Promo
  – Your best bet for cheap travel promo related info.
Couple Travel  – A travel blog for couples with loads of information and tips.    
Culture Travel   – The ultimate travel blog for the culture vulture     .
Cultural Travel – More great travel advice for the culture seeking wanderer.
Crazy About Travel  – We’re all crazy about travel.  To get your fix check it out.   
Creative Escape  – For those seeking the most creative travel escapes out there.
Culture Shapers  – Shaping the world through the mediums of culture.

Departing Melbourne (Incredible Travel stories and holiday planning for the traveler)
Destination Tips For World Travel
 (You’ll find world wide travel tips on this site)
Discover Europe Today
 (Discover Europe on your own terms.  Today!)
Don’t Fly Go
 (When faced with going somewhere the best thing is to just do it)

Easy Travel (Travels can be easy when you read our guides daily or often)  
Eurail Travels
 (Train travel is for everyeone.  Find out why.  Do it in Europe soon)
Europe Guide For Vagabonds
 (Vagabonds guide to exploring Europe today)

Family Travel Blog (Bring the whole family.  Experience travel to your fullest)
Flip Nomad (Flip is the travel guru.  He’s worth checking out and revisiting)
Fox Nomad (Travel smarter with Anil.  He’s one clever backpacker out there)

Going Abroad (Get abroad.  Experience life.  Love the entire process)
Green Global Travel (Wonderful travel blog related to all things green)
Groove Traveler (Travel is music.  Music is life.  Experience tunes and groove)

Holidays in Egypt (Come to Egypt for culture and history.  Leave with love)
Honeymoon Holidays (Honeymoon holidays should be amazing.  Find out how)
Hot Spot Journal (The hottest little spots on the planet.  Check them out!)

Incredible Backpacker (For the most incredible backpacking journeys in the world)   
Inspirational Travel
 (Travel should inspire.  If it doesn’t flip it upside down)
Insured For Travel (Don’t be a fool.  Hitting the road without insurance sucks)
It’s Lovely Annie Travel Blog (Annie is a travel blogging muffin darling.  Indeed)

Legal Nomads (Travel blog with an emphasis on food, culture and stories)
Little Yayas
 (Yaya Yaya Yaya!  Follow the happy go lucky Yayas on the road)         
Low Cost RTW
 (It’s cheap.  Travel is not expensive like the rumours suggest)
Luxury Travel Blog  (A luxury travel blog that features incredible places)

MaiTravelSite is Federico’s blog with travel tips, stories, videos, wallpapers & giveaways
Minimal Travel (Minimal travel is the way to go.  Hoarding is for pigs and animals)
Money For Travel (This site will show you how to save money on the road)
My Itchy Travel Feet (A travel blog for baby boomer and mature travellers)
My Spanish Adventure (Spanish is a incredible culture and language.  Experience it all)

News Traveller (Have you heard the splendid travel news?  This is your site for it)
New Travel Co (Around the world travel information for the informed traveller)
Nomadic Notes
 (Notes for the nomad.  These will come in valuable while travelling)
Nomadic Photos (Wonderful and stunning HD travel photos that will inspire you)
Nylon Flights (Flights that are as smooth as nylon.  Incredible value from over here)

Off The Beaten Path Travel (Why travel like a wallflower?  It’s not cool.  Travel with passion)
Only A Flight Away (Dreams can come true when you hop on a plane to explore the world)

Perpetual Backpacker (Samuel is always on the road.  He’s a road dog and then some)
Philippine Travel Forum (Fantastic information for those traveling in the Philippines)
Photography Secrets For Backpackers (Backpackers will love this resource for travel tips)
Plane News
 (Travel information for the informed nomad.  Indeed, this is it)
Presenting the Best Travel Blogs (These are simply the best travel blogs and travel sites)
Prohl Travel (Greg Prohl’s personal blog covering travel, life and musings)

RTW Travel (Your guide to the best travel the world has to offer these days)

Singapore Guide Online (Singapore sling it.  This is the guide for travel in SE Asia)
Single Travel Blog (A travel blog for singles that features all of the top information)
Solo Traveler (Janice runs the ever popular Solo Traveler’s Guide to rtw adventures)
Start to Run (Don’t stop.  Start running and keep going.  The adventure is worth it)

The Last Stop (A travel blog with a wealth of wonderful travel info and tips)
The Loaded Handbag (The bag is loaded and ready to be taken abroad for life)
The Plane Hoppers (Travel inspiration and tips)
The Prague Wanderer (Wandering is for travel gurus.  Gurus should start soon)
This is The World We Live in (You could be living the life of your dreams.  Start now)
Tourism Picks (Pick the spots that will give you the adventures of a lifetime.  Do it now)
Travel and Teach Your Way Around The World (Do it and you won’t regret it.  Promise)
Travel Bay (Give it your best short when you travel.  Don’t regret anything.  Indeed)
Travel for Women (Women love to travel and want to show you how/why they do it)
TraveLinkSites (Interviews, advice, tips and more.  This travel site has got it all)
Travel Magazine (A magazine that goes beyond just the typical story.  Original stuff)

Travel Sex Life (Life is sex and travel isn’t any different.  You’ll find out why here)
Travel Times Mag (A modern resource for the suave traveller with style)
Travel Tips for Canadians (Your tips to help make your journey better.  Always)
Travel With Kids Blog (A travel blog for families with children who love to travel)
Trip Planning (Why not.  Well, if you don’t plan you could be totally screwed)

Under The Same Sun (Fighting for the best travel deals under the sun.  Charge!)

Vacation Lifestyle (Lifestyle travel advice for the tip top traveller)
Vegas Travel Source
 (Why not.  Vegas is the sin city but you’ve got to love it)
Videos for Backpackers (Backpacking travel videos for backpackers)
Villa Dream Vacations (Villas are incredible.  Let’s do it.  Let’s experience life)
Volunteer and Travel
 (Volunteer as you travel slowly around the world)
Volunteer Leaders (Lead in life.  Don’t follow.  Volunteers are strong leaders)

Will Peach (This young chap is a one heck of a travel blogger.  He’s a pro)
Wonderful Smiling Faces (We’re confident you’ll love these happy faces from rtw)
World For Travelers
 (Figure it out and travel the world.  Just do it now and forget)
World Leading Vacations (Vacations kick butt!  Let’s start doing more butt kicking)

Yobosayo (A travel blog with an emphasis on culture and adventures on the road)

360 Global Travel  – An around the world travel blog with pizazz.

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