Five Activities Near Nador, Morocco

November 15, 2014
View Over Nador Morocco by Flickr CC Azzaddine Amjahed

Come visit the wonderful Mediterranean port city of Nador, Morocco. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the many fun and exciting things to do and see in and near the city. El Kallat Beach This gorgeous beach is nestled between two cliffs and bordered by some amazing forestland. Its sparkling waters are well-known [...]

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Awesome Activities in Rabat, Morocco

November 1, 2014
Rabat, Morocco by Flickr CC YoTuT

Come visit the capital city of Rabat, Morocco. There is no shortage of wonderful places to go and exciting things to see, so you can expect to have a wonderful time during your visit to this city. Zoo de Rabat Learn about Moroccan and African ecosystems while enjoying the more than 1,000 animals that include [...]

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An Island Adventure in Kefalonia, Greece

October 15, 2014
Kefalonia, Greece by Flickr CC Berit Watkin

The island of Kefalonia off the western coast of Greece is often best known for being the setting for the novel and movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. This stunning small island is much more than an idyllic setting, it is also home to stunning beaches, natural landscapes and a large amount of historic monuments that reflect [...]

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Ideas for a Trip to Bremen, Germany

October 1, 2014
Bremen, Germany by Flickr CC yeowatzup

Both a commercial and industrial hub with a major port, the city of Bremen stretches along each side of the River Weser. It is the second largest populated city in Northern Germany and the tenth in all of Germany. Bremen holds the distinction of once being an important member of the Hanseatic League in medieval [...]

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Constanta: A holiday by the Black Sea

September 15, 2014
View Over Constanta in Romania by Flickr CC Gabriel

Everyone is welcome in the gorgeous Black Sea coastal-city of Constanta, Romania. Come visit, and enjoy all the things that are offered here. You are sure to have a wonderful time. Folk Art Museum An English-speaking tour guide is available to show you the more than 16,000 exhibits that represent all the Romanian regions. The [...]

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The Charming University town of Groningen

September 1, 2014
Groningen, the Netherlands by Flickr CC Bert Kaufmann

Come visit the ancient city of Groningen, Netherlands. Now a bustling university city, you will easily find many fun and interesting things to do and see during your stay. Groninger Museum Many people are attracted to this museum for the wonderful architecture of the building itself. Once inside, you will enjoy modern and contemporary art [...]

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