Delve into the wonders of India

January 26, 2015
Taj Mahal

India has been on my list of places to see from being very young. I remember watching a film called A Little Princess, where a little girl from India moves to New York. In the film you get to see only a small portion on India, however I still found myself mesmerized by the tropical […]

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Brindisi – The Hidden Gem of Italy

December 15, 2014
Brindisi in Italy by Flickr CC Daniel

When considering a vacation to Italy you should put the ancient city of Brindisi on your list. Every summer thousands of Italians flock from the northern inland areas to take advantage of the warm summer climate. Brindisi rests on the coast of the Adriatic Sea on the boot heel of southern Italy. This city has […]

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5 reasons why taking a cruise is a great idea

December 1, 2014
Cruise Ship HDR - 13

When most people think of travel, their minds immediately jump to booking a flight and exploring one destination, but what about cruising? Cruising has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, and in my opinion, it’s a great way to experience more than one destination with very little hassle. The nice thing about booking […]

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6 Places to Visit on a Trip to Figari, France

December 1, 2014
Corsica Island in France by Flickr CC Terence S. Jones

Figari is located in Corse-du-Sud on the island of Corsica in France. It is about 20 kilometers to the southwest of Porto-Vecchio and 19 kilometers to the north of Bonifacio. Figari is a small village with a population of only 1,157 as of 2008. Although Figari is a small town, it has airport called Figari […]

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Five Activities Near Nador, Morocco

November 15, 2014
View Over Nador Morocco by Flickr CC Azzaddine Amjahed

Come visit the wonderful Mediterranean port city of Nador, Morocco. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the many fun and exciting things to do and see in and near the city. El Kallat Beach This gorgeous beach is nestled between two cliffs and bordered by some amazing forestland. Its sparkling waters are well-known […]

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Awesome Activities in Rabat, Morocco

November 1, 2014
Rabat, Morocco by Flickr CC YoTuT

Come visit the capital city of Rabat, Morocco. There is no shortage of wonderful places to go and exciting things to see, so you can expect to have a wonderful time during your visit to this city. Zoo de Rabat Learn about Moroccan and African ecosystems while enjoying the more than 1,000 animals that include […]

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